About HardwareSolutions

HardwareSolutions is a division of Hardware Group, an international provider of advanced IT solutions, services and support with accreditations across multiple vendors.

Conceived in 2003, Hardware Group is made up of four distinct divisions: HardwareSolutions, HardwareServices,  HardwareLifecycle and HardwareCloud.

Reaching the needs of organisations across the world, Hardware Group has offices in the UK, USA, Nordics and South Africa and is supported by a global logistics operation.

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What We Do

Technical solutions – At HardwareSolutions our primary goal is to provide complete technical solutions to our customers. Be it the design and implementation of new networks or support for existing hardware investments, we provide solutions that will meet your company’s needs now and as they evolve in the future.

Seamless performance – Most of our clients aren’t in the business of IT infrastructure and, as such, IT concerns should only occupy a minimal portion of their time. At HardwareSolutions we strive to make the infrastructure behind your business operations invisible in its seamless performance, allowing you and your organisation to concentrate on its own strengths and performance.

Maximising value – Working with clients across a diverse range of industries, we work to solve even the most complex technical problems and design solutions to maximise the value, efficiency and performance of your network operations, data centres, servers, storage systems and cloud computing, thereby optimising your business performance.

How We Do It

Expert technical resource – Our helpful HardwareSolutions engineers provide an accessible and reassuring link between technical infrastructure and the real-world problems that you and your organisation face. We work hard to understand our client’s unique business model and budget, providing expert advice that is fully aligned with our customer’s technical and business requirements. We strive to develop strong and trusting relationships and often find our engineers become an extension of the client’s own technical team.

Strong partner relationships – Our relationships and extensive accreditations with key vendors allow us to offer the widest range of products and multi-vendor solutions with a level of service that is unsurpassed in the market.

Comprehensive suite of support services – Our suite of services ensures complete support pre-, during and post- implementation. This can range from full project management and execution to one-off services that complement the expertise of your in-house team.

Global logistics operation – We have built up an immense and reliable global logistics network shipping thousands of consignments a month to 140 countries worldwide. Furthermore, we deliver products to your door at remarkable speed, using next day delivery within Europe and express services worldwide allowing you to accurately plan and prepare for your installation with the assurance your equipment will arrive when we say it will.

Browse our solution stories to find out more about how we have worked with organisations like yours. We pride ourselves on delivering even the most complex solutions so whatever your requirements, get in touch, we want to help!

Hardware Group Divisions

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About Hardware Group

Key Vendors (6)
Vendor Accreditations (11)
Expert Engineers (14)
Offices Worldwide (6)
Years Of Experience (11)

Key Metrics

  • Shipping to 140 countries
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified
  • 2:1 sales to technical ratio
  • Offices in UK, USA, Nordics and South Africa
  • 10% year-on-year growth