DELL FX Converged

Dell FX Converged

Combining the agility, open architecture and price of rack-mount servers with the space saving, management and energy efficiency of blade servers, Dell’s PowerEdge FX provides a unique and adaptable solution to meet your evolving data centre requirements.

A flexible modular architecture allows custom blocks of compute, storage, management and IO to be configured dependent on workload demands, without the expense of over-provisioning.

The architecture is completely scalable as your infrastructure requirements develop over time, thereby extending the lifecycle of your systems.

Furthermore, by combining compute, storage and I/O (input/output) modules in just 2U of rack space, Dell PowerEdge FX lets you monitor your entire infrastructure from a single console with your choice of one-to-one rack or one-to-many chassis-based management.

Key Benefits

Optimised Performance

  • Scalability – scale your infrastructure incrementally with modular blocks of computing and storage resource.
  • Workload optimisation – Implement an unprecedented level of IT infrastructure density to help lower overall costs and improve workload performance.
  • Choice of storage – use any style of storage to suit your needs including SAN, DAS, software-defined or in-chassis direct-attached FX storage blocks.
  • Simplified management – combining enterprise-level systems management and hypervisor integration with modular, converged infrastructure.
  • Save costs – less than 17 watts per server thanks to the Intel® Atom™ processors.


Download the FX technical guide


The Dell FX Converged technical guide. Created by DELL.