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One thing cyber criminals can depend on – people have flaws.

People are the common denominator for malware outbreaks. Not only the cyber criminals that unleash malware, but also the people that help it spread by opening an unsuspecting email or link.

Cyber-attacks are increasing globally and not just against multi-national companies. Cybercriminals are targeting a broadening range of industry sectors as well as small and medium sized businesses with less stringent security protocols. When an estimated 200,000 computers in 150 countries were affected by WannaCry, Juniper Networks customers were protected by Juniper’s advanced anti-malware solution — in many cases identifying the malware within 30 seconds.

Juniper’s modern approach to cyber security uses adaptable machine learning algorithms combined with several anti-malware technologies to quickly detect and stop new threats, all before they disrupt your business.

As cyber security threats continue to rise, it's time to outsmart cyber criminals and counteract their malware with intelligent and automated security solutions that match them move for move. When malware strikes, what is your best form of defence?

Juniper Networks delivers a new era in cyber security and has a range of world-class security solutions including:

  • Juniper's Software-Defined Secure Network detects and stops threats in real-time. It dynamically adapt to real-time threat information to unify policy across a diversity of network environments, reducing risk and offering next-generation protection to the network and its users.
  • Juniper Networks' Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) which provides dynamic protection against previously unknown zero-day attacks and malware. Monitoring all incoming and outgoing network traffic, Sky ATP extracts any potential threats, sending them to the cloud for analysis. A rapid cache lookup identifies any previously known files while a sandbox environment is used to trick malware into identifying itself through activation.
  • Junos Space Security Director delivers efficient, intuitive and highly scalable network security management for physical and virtual firewalls. All elements of the security policy, including application security, firewall, security intelligence, unified threat management, intrusion prevention system, AppFW, VPN and Network Address Translation, can be centrally managed and scaled as the network continues to grow.
  • Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateways offering advanced capabilities and the highest performing virtual firewall in the industry. Delivering scalable, secure routing and next generation firewalls, the Juniper SRX Series secures networks against the broadest spectrum of threats from branch right through to campus and enterprise.
  • Junos WebApp Secure is the first Web Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) that prevents web attackers in real time. It uses deception to detect, track, profile and prevent hackers in real-time. Unlike legacy signature-based approaches, WebApp Secure is the first technology that inserts thousands of detection points to proactively identify attackers before they do damage - without any false positives.

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