Opengear Terminal Server

Opengear terminal servers

Giving you the reassurance of continued network access in the face of outages, Opengear terminal servers deliver secure remote monitoring, access and management of your global IT infrastructure, power and security, even during downtime.

Secure remote network access

With an always-on redundant network connection and features such as a firewall, SSH, extensive VPN support and two-factor authentication, Opengear ensures secure mobile, out-of-band access and wireless management visibility when your primary network is impaired.

Automatic failover restores site connectivity using high-speed 4G LTE and integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and network infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted availability for remote networks.

Improved uptime

Furthermore, by improving visibility of equipment status and taking immediate action on any network issues automatically, Opengear is able to actually improve the uptime of your systems.

Servers, UPS battery charge and rack environment are all monitored. Faults are proactively detected before they become failures, alerts automatically sent out and per-set complex actions undertaken.

Multi-vendor compatibility

Benefit from full integration with your existing systems and device management across multiple vendors, all with one, cost-effective solution.

Key features

  • Open-source platform
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Cisco equipment compatible
  • Automated remote management and support
  • Centralised management
  • Global visibility
  • Always-on redundant network connection or automatic failover
  • Firewall, SSH, extensive VPN support and two-factor authentication
  • Out-of-band access and SMS messaging and control
  • Multi-vendor compatibility

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Opengear terminal server