Dell EMC Sonicwall

Dell EMC SonicWall

Delivering deep security, high performance and low latency, Dell EMC SonicWall is a must-have security device for all organisations from branch through to enterprise.

Ensuring comprehensive and reliable security whilst still achieving multi-gigabit speeds is no small task but it is one Dell EMC SonicWall achieves with ease.

Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® (RFDPI) scans all traffic regardless of port or protocol and delivers superior intrusion prevention, malware protection, application intelligence, control and real-time visualisation and inspection for SSL encrypted sessions. In short, this technology enables simultaneous multi-threat and application scanning meaning every byte of every packet is inspected, regardless of file size, whilst maintaining the high performance and low latency that busy networks demand.

Network-based malware protection also leverages a cloud database to provide continual updates on new malware variants

With the scalability to meet the needs of even the highest performing networks, Dell EMC SonicWall helps you plan for the security demands of the future, as well as those of today.

Key Features

  • Intrusion Protection Service with advanced anti-evasion capabilities
  • Decryption and detection of all SSL-encrypted connections
  • Granular control and visibility of applications and user activity
  • Network-based malware protection with real-time updates