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Leaders in the application services industry, F5 pride themselves on their ability to make applications available anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Businesses worldwide rely on F5 to optimise their IT investments in cloud, data centre and software, increasing competitive advantage and driving business performance.

Why Do We Partner With F5?

F5’s application-focused approach compliments the rest of HardwareSolutions’ portfolio, maximising value for our customers by offering a service that is fast, secure and reliable.

Through our partnership with F5, we are able to deliver scalable, flexible and secure application infrastructures for bespoke business models to maximise our customers’ return on investment.

Vendor Accreditations

Our Silver UNITY Partner Accreditation with F5 is as a result of the certifications we have achieved, demonstrating our expertise and technical knowledge of F5’s range of products. These certifications include  2 x F5 101 certification, 2 x F5 201 certification, 1 x F5 301 certification and 1 x F5 302 certification.

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