Delivering identity-based, context-aware and policy-driven application access controls, F5 Access Policy Manager enables secure access to you applications, data, network and cloud from any location.

Allowing seamless integration with hardware and software from multiple vendors, APM provides a cost effective, dynamic and flexible platform for centralised access management.

Security best practice suggests users should only have access to the information they need for the time they need it, thereby limiting potential vulnerability points. With F5 APM you can benefit from fast provisioning and de-provisioning of user access to accommodate constantly changing user requirements and locations whilst maintaining the upmost levels of security.

Key Features

  • Performance and scalability – supports up to 500,000 access sessions per device or up to 2,000,000 access sessions on a VIPRION platform
  • Simple policy creation and editing – intuitively create, edit, deploy and manage dynamic access policies
  • Granular control – layer 4 and layer 7 dynamic access control lists
  • Consolidated infrastructure and management – a centralised and cost-effective view of your authorisation infrastructure
  • Flexibility – customisable functionality
  • Security - encrypted SSL VPN, DTLS, comprehensive endpoint security and posture checks, application tunnels, and optimized site-to-site encryption for maximum security
  • Identity federation – user identity federation across multiple domains using numerous authentication and attribute-sharing standards and protocols, including SAML 2.0
  • Authentication, authorization, and accounting server support – for dynamic identity and context-aware policy creation and enforcement
  • Multi-vendor compatibility - seamless integration with hardware and software from multiple vendors

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APM is a flexible, high-performance, centralized access management and security solution that delivers contextual, unified global access to your applications and network as well as to the Internet.