If you rely on mission-critical web applications to keep your business running smoothly, you’ll also need to ensure complete protection from any threats that might take them offline.

F5 Application Security Manager safeguards against the top OWASP threats, application vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks with simple policy creation to ensure your applications remain available and secure.

Industry-leading layer 7 DDoS protection, virtual patching and granular attack visibility prevent, even the most sophisticated, attacks from reaching your servers while in-depth attack intelligence is used to identify increasingly sophisticated threats as they evolve.

ASM also provides the flexibility to deploy Web Application Firewall services close to your applications to ensure they are protected in a virtual software-defined data centre, in the cloud, or in a traditional data centre.

Key Features

  • Application availability even under attack through optimisation technologies such as fast caching, compression, SSL offloading, and TCP optimization
  • Detailed visibility and reporting into attack size and impact
  • Compliance with key regulatory standards
  • Integration with third-party dynamic application security testing tools
  • Security against client-side manipulation
  • Effective bot defence through identification of automated requests and those exhibiting unusual behaviour.
  • Data protection and cloaking to prevent leakage of sensitive data
  • Attack correlation and grouping for better visibility and easier management

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Protect your organisation and its reputation by maintaining the confidentiality, availability, and performance of the applications that are critical to your business.