Keeping your applications online during high query volumes, F5 Big IP DNS protects against the latest threat vectors and DDoS attacks.

Using features such as multi-core scalability, DNS express and IP Anycast integration, F5 BIG-IP DNS scales up to 40-million responses per second, handling both legitimate and DDoS spikes in SND query volumes to ensure high performance for users.

Intelligent monitoring and global load balancing route traffic to the nearest or highest performing physical, virtual or cloud environment to keep pace with changing network and user volumes and provide the best application experience.

CPU-intensive DNSSEC validation computations are also offloaded to F5’s DNS to ensure rapid responses while a complete firewall blocks malicious IP domains to protect against malware and viruses.

Delivering flexibility and compatibility with third-party security modules, DNS can be used across virtual and cloud environments to extend your application availability while maintaining centralised control within the data centre.

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Scaling and securing every environment helps protect your business from site outages and improves DNS and application performance.

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