Delivering exceptional availability and fast load speeds for your website, F5 LTM dramatically improves user experience and productivity, even during peak times.

Slow load times or website delays cost businesses millions each year, but F5 LTM uses real-time traffic management protocols, based on application and server conditions, extensive connection management and offloading to deliver availability and performance for all business critical applications.

Performing health checks on web servers, LTM routes traffic based on network and server conditions, offloading tasks to F5 devices where necessary to reduce processing load on servers and eliminate any single points of failure.

Benefit from complete visibility and control through F5 iApps, while maintaining the flexibility to customise scripts to intercept, inspect, transform and direct this application traffic through the use of iRules.

F5 ScaleN technology delivers on-demand scaling capabilities so LTM can easily adapt to changes in demand, while industry-leading SSL performance also delivers complete security from client to server so you can be sure your applications continue to perform at their best.

Key Benefits

  • Security - Industry-leading SSL performance and DDoS protection
  • Performance – faster application performance improving load times and user experience
  • 100% Availability – removing single points of failure protects applications and ensures maximum optimisation
  • Customisation – intercept, inspect, transform and direct application traffic as you choose
  • Cloud ready – virtual environment and cloud deployment options
  • Faster deployments - 10 to 100 times faster deployments with 95 percent fewer configuration mistakes
  • Visible analytics – uptime, response time and traffic surges available at a glance
  • SSL acceleration – free up resources by offloading SSL encryptions from data centre servers
  • Easy implementation – acting as a full proxy, LTM makes implementing new protocols quick and easy
  • Full elasticity – clustering, virtualisation and on-demand scaling capabilities

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