HP DL Servers

HP DL Servers

Mobility, cloud, big data and security are just a few of the demands placed on IT systems today, all of which require increasingly powerful, fast and reliable infrastructure to support them.

Optimised for multi-application workloads, HP DL servers deliver up to 4x faster workload performance1 and increased storage to significantly enhance the speed of operations. What’s more, they achieve this with such high levels of energy efficiency, your total cost of ownership could be reduced by as much as 62%2.

Benefit from flexibility and ease of management through the HP OneView system as well as intelligent on-board diagnostics to ensure a reliable and responsive performance, whatever the workload.

HP DL Servers deliver:

  • Flexible choices to redefine compute economics with 3x the compute per watt3 and up to 62 percent lower TCO4
  • Reliable infrastructure with up to 66x faster service delivery5
  • Optimized servers boost business performance with 4x faster workload performance6

1-6  HP ProLiant Rack and Tower servers family guide
7 Q114 IDC WW Quarterly Server Tracker, 30th May 2014.

Download the DL360 Quick Specs


Uniquely optimized for multi-workload compute, take a closer look at the specification for the DL360

Download the DL380 Datasheet


As the world’s best-selling server7, the HP ProLiant DL380 Server is designed to adapt to the needs of any environment, from large enterprise to remote office/branch office.