Juniper Contrail

Juniper Contrail

Facilitating intelligent automation of resource allocation, scalability and agility within the network, Juniper Contrail provides a simple and easy-to-manage SDN solution and orchestration tool for virtualised environments.

Contrail delivers an abstracted overlay network in the virtualised layer for packet processing in isolation from the physical network below. This ability to automatically move network connections as easily as other virtualised workloads not only increases productivity, it provides resilience through automatic failover and increases speed to market for new services and applications.

Interoperable with a wide range of compute, storage and networking hardware, virtualisation schemes and cloud applications, Contrail also provides a flexible and open architecture for multi-vendor environments.

Though policy-driven, software-controlled customisation, Contrail automates, what were previously, very manual processes, allowing businesses to achieve more through less resource, relieving pressure on in-house teams.

Key Features

  • Abstracted overlay network for switching and routing
  • Automated resource provisioning and load balancing
  • Policy-driven, software-controlled customisation
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • High-speed data collection and analytics
  • Open architecture for multi-vendor compatibility