Juniper Junos Space Security Director

Junos Space Security Director

Part of Juniper’s Junos Space network management solution, Junos Space Security Director delivers efficient, intuitive and highly scalable network security management for physical and virtual firewalls.

All elements of the security policy, including application security, firewall, security intelligence, unified threat management, intrusion prevention system, AppFW, VPN and Network Address Translation, can be centrally managed and scaled as the network continues to grow.

Scalable and responsive security management application

Junos Space Security Director is a network security management product that offers efficient, highly scalable, and comprehensive network security policy management.

The ability to reuse security policies across multiple SRX Series Services Gateways improves the accuracy and consistency of security enforcement while an accessible web-based user interface allows administrators to quickly and easily define policies across all applications and devices.

Key Features

  • Scale security policies horizontally across multiple Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, and vertically across multiple LSYS instances on a single SRX Series device.
  • Centrally configure and manage application security, firewall, security intelligence and VPN, IPS, and NAT security policies
  • Define and enforce policies for controlling usage of specific applications such as social networks
  • Scale and reuse security policies for improved accuracy, consistency and compliance
  • Integrate with Junos Space Network Management Platform for further management control across the network.

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Juniper Networks® Junos® Space Security Director, an application on Junos Space Network Management Platform, provides extensive security scale, granular policy control, and policy breadth across the network.