Juniper QFX10000

Juniper QFX10000

The most scalable and highest density switch on the market, Juniper’s QFX10000 brings new levels of speed to even the largest, most demanding data centres, private clouds and public clouds and still leaves ample room for growth.

The custom silicon Q5 chipset at the centre of the QFX10000 allows customers to achieve so much more with less resource. With the ability to scale from existing 10 and 40 GbE interfaces, up to an astonishing 100 GbE, organisations suddenly have the ability to move fast and respond to unpredictable future changes they can’t even yet foresee.

Delivering automation and programmability, QFX10000 helps organisations make the move towards a software-defined data centre whilst keeping management and integration remarkably simple through the use of Junos OS open and customisable software. The line of switches also forms the foundation of the Junos Fusion architecture, a new standards-based approach for creating an open, highly scalable switch fabric.

Offering advanced and scalable security against the broadest spectrum of threats for data centres of any size, the integrated solution includes a core firewall, robust networking and advanced security at layers 4-7, as well as automated lifecycle management capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability – Total system capacity from 3 to 96 Tbps
  • Density – 100GbE port density of up to 480 in a single chassis
  • Openness – Open and customisable software meaning no vendor lock-in
  • Flexibility – Flexible architecture options
  • Automation – zero touch provisioning and SDN

The QFX10000 line includes four models, offering flexible solutions for every data centre application:

  • QFX10002-72Q – a fixed-configuration platform supporting up to 24 100GbE interfaces, 72 40GbE interfaces or 288 10GbE interfaces in a 2U form factor.
  • QFX10002-36Q – a fixed-configuration platform supporting up to 12 100GbE interfaces, 36 40GbE interfaces or 144 10GbE interfaces in a 2U form factor.
  • QFX10008 – a modular, 8-slot switch supporting up to 240 100GbE interfaces, 288 40GbE ports or 1,152 10GbE ports in a single chassis.
  • QFX10016 – a high-density, 16-slot modular chassis supporting up to 480 100GbE interfaces, 576 40GbE ports or 2,304 10GbE ports.

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The Juniper Networks QFX10000 line of modular Ethernet switches delivers up to 96 Tbps of system throughput, scalable to over 200 Tbps in the future, to meet the rapid and ongoing traffic growth in the data center.