Juniper SDSN

Juniper SDSN

Stop threats faster with Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network

Networks are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats every day, but Juniper can help you detect and stop threats in real-time. Providing end-to-end network visibility that secures the entire network, physical and virtual, Juniper leverages cloud economics to find and stop threats faster.

Juniper’s Software Defined Secure Network can dynamically adapt to real-time threat information to unify policy across a diversity of network environments, reducing risk and offering next-generation protection to the network and its users.

Watch this video to learn why it’s more critical than ever to start talking secure networks with Juniper’s unique Software-Defined Secure Network.




Create centralised and adaptive security policies, intelligible for all devices across the network.
Aggregate threat intelligence into one common, cloud-based feed that can be used to inform security policies
Accelerate policy management, updating policies dynamically, in real time


  • Visibility into network. With SDSN, you get full visibility of all the traffic, whether it is North–South or East–West. The entire network infrastructure is operationalised and managed as a single enforcement domain (unified enforcement domain), providing enforcement point including third-party switches across the wired and wireless network where policy can be deployed dynamically, and in unison, to block threats anywhere.

  • Comprehensive security. With SDSN, the firewalls, virtual or physical, are rightsized for their application in the network – for example, to provide consistent, automated defence across diverse environments with advanced firewall and unified threat management (UTM) capabilities whenever needed. These capabilities are consistent across both physical and virtual platforms; therefore, with SDSN the device not only meets the security requirement but is also configured with the same policy as other devices, thereby simplifying the operation of the whole network.

  • Streamlining policy enforcement across the network. In an SDSN network, cloud-based security services provide the foundation for an open policy engine especially when you have security controllers that can push those policies into the network. By providing real-time feedback between firewalls, the controller plus the cloud can deploy policy across network devices the instant it is needed.

  • Third-party integration. SDSN is grounded in integrating third-party capabilities, in an effort to unite the good guys against the bad guys. Open architecture and suite of APIs enables SDSN networks to choose their preferred threat intelligence information sources and remediate across multivendor network infrastructure.

Threats can be detected faster with an SDSN approach because SDSN detects threats as they evolve, by leveraging threat intelligence from multiple sources (including third-party feeds) and tapping into the power of the cloud. When security policies are enforced consistently, be it in global networks or private clouds, network security can adapt dynamically to respond to real-time threat information.

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