Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Juniper SKY Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Faced with an ever-changing threat landscape, it is increasingly difficult to identify where the next security breach may be coming from, and what form it will take. Traditional security devices and firewalls need to be continually updated just to keep pace and, even then, they can only protect against threats which are already known.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention from Juniper Networks provides a dynamic solution to protect against previously unknown zero-day attacks and malware.

Monitoring all incoming and outgoing network traffic, Sky ATP extracts any potential threats, sending them to the cloud for analysis. A rapid cache lookup identifies any previously known files while a sandbox environment is used to trick malware into identifying itself through activation.

Integration with Juniper’s SRX Series Services Gateways means threats are immediately communicated across all firewalls to block and quarantine any malicious traffic.

Key Features

  • Dynamic, automated threat protection
  • Deep inspection and analysis of compromised files in the cloud
  • Instant communication with SRX series firewalls to block malicious traffic
  • Web based management portal
  • Rich reporting and analysis improving visibility threats and compromised hosts
  • Data on various indicators of compromise
  • Analytics capabilities to identify compromised systems for quarantine


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