Windows Hyper V

Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper V

As well as delivering scalable storage, secure remote access and business continuity, Windows Server also offers built in Hyper V virtualisation technology available at no extra cost.

Delivering software infrastructure and basic management tools, Hyper V enables you to create a virtualised server computing environment, utilising more of your resources to improve flexibility and efficiency while reducing costs.

Powerful availability features protect against service outages while automated protection and recovery delivers cost-effective business continuity to improve workload SLAs and reduce downtime.

Taking virtualisation one step further, Windows Server also enables you to blend on-premise solutions with the cloud. Benefit from increased IT agility and availability across on-premise, private and public cloud resources, all with a central management view from a single console.

Key Benefits

  • Enterprise class - Improved performance, availability and robust recovery options, for even your largest workloads
  • Application focused – Support for open frameworks enables application flexibility and portability between on-premise environments and public and private clouds.
  • Simple and cost-effective – deploy and manage a multi-tenant storage and networking infrastructure
  • User-centric – Provide secure and consistent access to information and data regardless of the infrastructure, network, device, or application
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