VMware NSX

VMware NSX

Building on VMWare’s existing capabilities for virtualised compute and storage, the new NSX completes the journey towards a fully Software-Defined Data Centre, offering agility, scale, automation, flexibility and security through the delivery of virtualised networking.


  • Agility
  • Scale
  • Automation
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Compatibility

Building on solid, underlying physical networks, NSX multi-tier virtual networks can be created within seconds and each one fully customised in parallel to other networks built on the same hardware. Highly flexible and agile, network capacity can be allocated and utilised on demand, meeting the needs of increasingly dynamic data centres.

a single scale-out controller supports 100,000 VMs and over 10,000 virtual networks, making this highly scalable and flexible.

The NSX automates the delivery of network services without any reconfigurations to firewalls, VLANs or ACIs. Policies can be assigned to groups of virtual machines including security, compliance, load balancing and firewall rules.

Compatible with any network hardware, NSX can be deployed on your existing infrastructure and will work with existing applications. Virtual networks are managed independent of the underlying hardware meaning they can easily be moved around and are completely non-disruptive to any existing networks.

Security policies are automatically applied when a virtual machine is created and the NSX securely isolates networks from each other through micro-segmentation.

the NSX offers integration with vendor hardware and software solutions including network gateway services, application delivery and security.

Key Benefits

  • Provision networks in seconds rather than days.
  • Achieve operational efficiency through automation
  • Place and move workloads independent of physical topology
  • Deploy on any hypervisor and consume through any cloud management platform
  • Integrate third-party network and security solutions through standard APIs
  • Non-disruptive deployment over existing physical networks or next generation topologies

Use Cases


Simple and secure segmentation of a unique network for each individual customer, all maintained within one physical infrastructure.

DevOps Environments

Deploy applications and their networking from templates, use them and tear them down as many times as you wish.


Quickly and easily move workloads between different data centres allowing for effective cost management and comprehensive backup.

Download Datasheet

VMware NSX exposes a complete suite of simplified logical networking elements and services including logical switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, QoS, monitoring, and security. Download Datasheet