Remote Access

Remote Access


Remote access is an important requirement within many of the other reference architectures. Whilst not a standalone architecture in its own right, it is a specialised and challenging area which demands its own set of considerations.

The basic aim is to achieve remote access to another environment, be it a data centre, campus or branch infrastructure. The challenge lies in how to do this securely. Granting people outside of your organisation access to your resources is not without its risks so careful thought needs to be given to how the solution will be architected.

The technologies we have chosen vary to address the key challenges of each unique environment:

Data Centres demand remote access in the event of a primary connection outage to minimise disruption and downtime.

In a campus environment it is common for lots of users to require remote access. The real challenge comes when extenuating circumstances such as extreme weather or power outages lead to a large surge in the number of users demanding this remote access.

For branch environments we have already recommended a cloud solution which inherently provides remote access to anywhere with an internet connection. The focus here then becomes how to ensure only authorised users can access these resources.

Which technologies have we chosen and why?


In most scenarios, passwords simply do not provide the level of security we need. They can too easily be guessed, copied or compromised. It is for this reason that we look to two-factor authentication from HID. This gives us an extra layer of security to keep our resources safe.


VPN provides the method by which remote users are able to access the network. F5 and Pulse Secure both provide fast and secure VPN solutions which meet our needs well.

Operational services

We recommend cloud technology for the provisioning of voice, email and storage in environments that demand remote access to operational services. Cloud services are fully managed, negating the need for in-house support, and provide remote access to any users who need it. All systems are upgraded and backed up as part of the contract and they offer exceptional scalability.

User Access Control

F5 and Pulse Secure provide the User Access Controls within our reference architecture. We have chosen these vendors due to their flexible licensing models allowing for capacity surge requirements.

Both solutions also deliver comprehensive security overlays, running posture checks and limiting the access of remote users.

Remote device access

Cradlepoint delivers a wide range of 3G and out-of-band access mechanisms to enable secondary access to remote devices when the primary network goes down, minimising disruption and downtime.


Dell Wireless, powered by technology from Aruba, is our chosen solution to support the increasing number of wireless devices across the campus. Aruba have been one of the market leaders in wireless for over a decade which, alongside our strong relationship with Dell, gives us great confidence in the solution. By combining with our wireless survey, we can ensure any ‘dead spots’ are eliminated to maximise user experience.

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